Credit card payments with Stripe using Spring Boot and ReactJS

What is Stripe?

General Flow

Create a Stripe Account

package com.stripe.demo.client;
import com.stripe.Stripe;
import com.stripe.model.Charge;
import com.stripe.model.Customer;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
public class StripeClient {
StripeClient() {
Stripe.apiKey = "your stripe api key";
public Customer createCustomer(String token, String email) throws Exception {
Map<String, Object> customerParams = new HashMap<String, Object>();
customerParams.put("email", email);
customerParams.put("source", token);
return Customer.create(customerParams);
private Customer getCustomer(String id) throws Exception {
return Customer.retrieve(id);
public Charge chargeNewCard(String token, double amount) throws Exception {
Map<String, Object> chargeParams = new HashMap<String, Object>();
chargeParams.put("amount", (int)(amount * 100));
chargeParams.put("currency", "USD");
chargeParams.put("source", token);
Charge charge = Charge.create(chargeParams);
return charge;
public Charge chargeCustomerCard(String customerId, int amount) throws Exception {
String sourceCard = getCustomer(customerId).getDefaultSource();
Map<String, Object> chargeParams = new HashMap<String, Object>();
chargeParams.put("amount", amount);
chargeParams.put("currency", "USD");
chargeParams.put("customer", customerId);
chargeParams.put("source", sourceCard);
Charge charge = Charge.create(chargeParams);
return charge;
package com.stripe.demo.controller;import com.stripe.demo.client.StripeClient;
import com.stripe.model.Charge;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.*;
public class PaymentGatewayController {

private StripeClient stripeClient;
PaymentGatewayController(StripeClient stripeClient) {
this.stripeClient = stripeClient;
public Charge chargeCard(@RequestHeader(value="token") String token, @RequestHeader(value="amount") Double amount) throws Exception {
return this.stripeClient.chargeNewCard(token, amount); }}
npx create-react-app stripedemo-react
npm i react-stripe-checkout
npm i axios
import React from "react";
import Stripe from "react-stripe-checkout";
import axios from "axios";
function App() {async function handleToken(token) {console.log(token);await"http://localhost:8080/api/payment/charge", "", { headers: {
amount: 500,
},}).then(() => {
alert("Payment Success");
}).catch((error) => {
return (<div className="App"><StripestripeKey="pk_test_****************************"token={handleToken}/></div>);}export default App;



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Senura Vihan Jayadeva

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